5 feature content plugin cho WP

Bạn muốn tạo cho blog mình sử dụng WP có phần giơi thiệu tin / bài viêt mới / nóng , mà gây được sự chú ý của nhiều người, và thu xu thế hiện nay, các web/blog đều có các slide giới thiệu kiều đó.Vậy có những plugin nào làm việc này.Các bạn xem phần giới thiệu 5 plugin sau đây:

1.Featurific :
Wordpress plugin that displays
featured items, in a beautiful and professional flash
gallery, Its available for free for both
Wordpress and Non-Wordpress Users.

featurific featurific-test

Features :

  • Easy to install and highly customizable
  • Runs in Flash 8
  • 21 Templates to choose from.
  • Customizable text, backgrounds, and images
  • Works on any server, out of the box
  • Runs in any browser
  • Based on XML.
  • Works on
    Wordpress blogs, and also with general sites.
  • Can also be placed in the sidebar.

Download : Featurific

2.FeatPlug : This script can generate ‘featured content’ section for your site using the suitable stories. It can also run as a standalone script or even integrate into any other Blog/CMS/Forum software.featplug

Features :

  • Image caching
  • Template support ( Uses any JS/Ajax script to output the contents!)
  • Layered architecture : input_layer (Standalone,
    Wordpress etc) ? featplug engine ? output theme (simple banners, slide show etc)
  • Image enlarging
  • Broken Image Checking
  • Supports
    Wordpress MU:
    As of 0.62 release

Usage : In
Wordpress you can run the plugin in either as a widget or call the following functions directly in your template.

  • featplug_wp_render()
  • featplug_wp_render_slideshow()
  • featplug_wp_render_banners()

FeatPlugDownload |   Demo

Featured Content
Gallery Plugin v2.0 (FCS)
By WPElemets is a script based on Smooth Gallery to display a
gallery of
featured posts of a single category.This plugin makes use of the Custom Field Option of
Wordpress, to display the images in the
gallery of one Category.


Features :

  • Single category only suppported.
  • Height,Width and Text Overlay values can be configured
  • Can be displayed on the
    Wordpress Blog, by using the following php statemet

<?php include (ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/content-gallery/gallery.php’); ?>

How To Use :

  • Select the category you set within the plugin options page,
  • Upload an image to be displayed within the
    gallery and paste the path to that image in a custom field called “articleimg”.

Download Featured Content Gallery V 2.0

Featured Category Slideshow / FCS

This plugin is also based on Smooth
Gallery similar to
Featured Content Gallery by WPElements.The only difference it that this pulgin always shows the 4 newest posts in the slideshow. Older posts will just be automatically be removed out of the slideshow without being deleted from the blog.


Instructions :

  • Create a new category called FCS
  • Assign at least 4 posts to the new FCS-category
  • Every post has to contain a key called “leadimage” customfield with the value to the image.
  • and paste the following code where you want the slideshow to appear

<?php include (ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/fcs/gallery.php’); ?>

  • You can also make the slideshow to change slides automatically, by changing the         “timed: false” to “timed: true” in
    gallery.php present in the plugin folder.

Featured Category SlideShow(FCS):
HomePageDownload .


Wordpress Plugin creates an animated slideshow of a maximun of 10 posts.D13Slideshow makes use of the script.aculo.us and Prototype JavaScript frameworks.The image for the slideshow are automatically extracted from the post for display.


Features :

  • Adjustable Height and Width
  • Maximum of 10 posts
  • Customize the screen
    time for which each article will be shown.
  • You can add a slideshow directly into your theme files using the following line of PHP code:

<?php d13slideshow(); ?>

  • For each post you have to have a key “promoimage” and an absolute URL of the image as the value.

Gallery :


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